Photographer Alex Prager stages facinating imaginary scenes in her work, “A Face in the Crowd”

Crowds have long been a subject of fascination for photographers, from the curious spectators in Weegee’s pulpy crime scene photos of old New York City to the color-soaked beachgoers catalogued by Martin Parr.

But Los Angeles photographer Alex Prager has taken it a step further in her documentation of crowds — staging imaginary scenes seemingly influenced by a mix of Alfred Hitchcock suspense, the Technicolor style of William Eggleston and the costume design of Cindy Sherman.

Prager’s “Face in the Crowd,” which is being presented at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., until March 9, features large-scale photos of hundreds of costumed actors she shot on specially constructed sets including a movie theater lobby, an airport terminal and a beach.

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